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Monday, June 22, 2009 @
Hello, once again.

Everyone's talking about whether school holidays will be extended due to the current outbreak of H1N1. Well, I'm here to clear this situation up and some tips which can be naggy and long, but it's for your own good.

Wow, I'm sounding like a mother... I'm just worried, that's all. Anyway,

Unfortunately... This will not happen, according to Singapore's Health Minister...


Although it's spreading locally, it still can be treated and safe to say, it's not as deadly as we thought. ONLY those who went OVERSEAS in the June Holidays are to stay at home for one week. Do read the article.

So people, too bad that the rumors are cleared up... We can't have an extended holiday... Time to get back to the assignments... It's a dread but what can we do.

One thing though, PLEASE take good care of yourselves, try not to go out to often now... Now, it's spreading locally so better get prepared. I know some people LOVE to go to Changi Airport for leisure or for whatever reason, do try NOT to go there. We don't want anyone getting the virus, it can be pretty embarrassing if Mrs Tan announces it to the whole school.

Imagine... "We have our first case of H1N1 in Orchid Park Secondary, _____ is the unlucky and stupid one. Please do not be as dumb as he/she is." Let's see if we'll be able to fill in the blank.

Just Joking.

Remember to bring your thermometers when school starts too. If you're feeling sick, don't be so dumb as to go to school or the public and start coughing and sneezing, go see a doctor immediately if you realise you're experiencing symptoms similar to H1N1.

Dettol and Lifebuoy sure is earning loads of money. So are pharmacies, clinics etc.
Tip: Hand sanitizers are the best to keep viruses away when going out. Some people are already using it in school. Smart people. But don't get too obsessive. (;

Last but not least, please do not take this outbreak as a joke just because nobody is wearing gas masks out yet. NOTE: I stressed on GAS MASKS.

OH! And BTW, Mdm Azzah's back... I'm gonna miss Miss Wang, Sigh. DO LISTEN to the SONGS I've added on the playlist... Please do give comments and if you have any suggestions on other songs, please comment on the chatbox... Please no nonsensical songs, something cheery or got to do with determination or whatsoever.

Keep healthy everyone, I hope to see a full attendance when school starts.

Hmm, too formal to sign off, eh? How about:

Hope to see everyone in school?! Don't get sick, okay? (;

That's better.

-Carene, the talkative one. (:

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